Welcome to my website. I am a lover of the African Pygmy Falcon, one of the smallest birds of prey in the world.

There are some bird breeders in Europe who have these birds and breed them.

It's not easy to breed these species. They are only kept in captivity for several years.

 The first couples came in 2008 in Germany from Tanzania. These were five couples. Most of what is now being held in captivity, dates of these couples off.

In the countries of origin in Africa African Pygmy Falcons live in small groups. So far this has not yet succeeded in captivity. The bird breeders keep them as couples so far.

The food of my birds consists of mice, chicks, mealworms and chicken hearts.

They are cheerful birds with a clown-like behavior. Their sound consists kiki kiki sounds and they make a lot of moves with the body while producing their lovely kiki whistles.


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